‘Straight Talking’ Make change easy

Create change through conversations

Create change through conversations

Straight Talking

Making change easy

Too often moaning and groaning is the only communication people expect – and get!

What a shame when those first meetings present the best opportunity to introduce change positively. And if this opportunity is missed it can even imperil the change programme.

This is the time to listen, and to understand, what is being said – and not being said.

This is the time to use dialogue, to help people think through the possibilities, and to help them create the necessary workable solutions.

You know this is happening when people say:

“We are ready to go. We don’t need to talk any more. We’ve sorted out what needs to happen for us to work well; we know how to make this work for us. Now we just want it to get on with it.”

 MWR Consulting’s ‘Straight Talking’ approach helps to create just such a ‘right’ environment for change. We are forward- focused – which leads to action.

We use workshops to help develop dialogue skills, so you can properly address the challenges you face. Our workshops allow you to challenge yourselves – and your organisation too – as to how ‘Straight Talking’ you really are.

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