Coaching your call centre people can increase sales by 10 per cent

Coaching frontline call centre people inceases producitivity and engagement

Coaching your call centre people can increase sales by 10%

Call centre supervisors who coach their staff not only improve productivity and employee engagement but convert this into strong bottom line results – typically a 10 per cent increase in sales and a 25 per cent rise in customer compliments.

That’s right compliments – not complaints.

A recent study found a clear productivity benefit – a saving of one second on each call – as a direct result of coaching.1 And, in my experience, the strong bottom line results mentioned above are not uncommon.

In the call centre world, time spent talking to customers is sensitive. It has to be gauged just right. Every second really does count. Each call has to be judged just right – neither too long nor too short. Eliminating verbal clutter, so as to reduce call time, is a prized achievement. As the research study mentioned above showed, reducing call time by just one second enhances the customer’s experience, making for real quality interaction, and increases productivity.

But, sometimes supervisors were unwilling to coach. This usually happens when they haven’t been encouraged to:

  • advance their coaching skills
  • coach staff, rather than concentrate on administration
  • develop their confidence

From an effectiveness and an efficiency point of view, it makes sense to equip supervisors to coach their staff.

Even when organisational hierarchies are flattening, the evidence indicates there is a need for supervisors to play a central role in employee development – and in performance management too.

Supervisors really are the ideal people to deliver call centre training.

1 Liu, A and Batt, R (2010). How supervisors influence performance: a multi-level study of coaching and group management in technology-mediated services. Personnel Psychology, 63, pp265–298. 

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We have experience in developing senior managers and their team members – both on an individual and team level – so they can develop practical approaches that encourage positive, constructive behaviour. This, in turn, leads to the development of positive beliefs and values. We are ready work with you, to help you get the best out of your people.

Here are some examples of approaches that can be used and tailored to your individual needs:

  • Individual and group coaching…Coaching – a powerful way of developing people
  • Personal development activities
  • Special projects, secondments and assignments
  • Mediation, to address workplace conflict
  • Psychometric assessment, which can identify strengths as well as derailing behaviours and also include 360 degree feedback
  • Structured module for understanding the psychological contracts in your organisation, both at an individual or team level
  • Straight Talking: …Straight Talking create change through conversations