4 ways to wisely balance work and home – avoid Smartphone overuse

“Do you have to use your Smartphone 24x7, you’re always working...?”

“Do you have to use your Smartphone 24×7, you’re always working…?”

“Do you have to use your Smartphone 24×7, you’re always working…?”…does this sound familiar? If so, then this blog is certainly one for you!

Think about today, have you experienced work-home interference from overusing your Smartphone? To ensure a happy lifestyle, we must ensure that we get this home life, work life balance right….and in many cases overusing our Smartphone’s can work to blur these lines.

In many cases this line blurring occurs when employers suggest their people should be available almost all of the time. This means many people stick glued to their mobiles phones to ensure they remain reachable…

But, don’t just take my work for it. Recent research has found that:

  • People who felt highly engaged at work tended to find effective ways to detach home from work
  • People who thought that their supervisor expected them to be highly available suffered high levels of home-work interference. Also, this tended to be a negative imbalance when experienced via their Smartphone off-duty at home
  • People who didn’t think that their supervisor expected them to be highly available suffered lower levels of home-work interference
  • High levels of work-home interference elevated stress, and lead to;
  • Deterioration of performance and reduction in life satisfaction.

So, how do we work to separate our home and work lives to ensure a happy balance? Well, here are 4 tips that should help:

  1. Supervisors by modelling good practice with their Smartphone, both at work and at home, demonstrate clear expectations and provide permission for their team to follow suit
  2. Supervisors should take care when they respond to work messages during leisure time, as they may inadvertently build expectations about constantly being available
  3. Organisations should positively engage with employees in order to reduce the impact of Smartphone use, and to positively set the scene for overt team agreement
  4. Supervisors are recommended to support team members by linking team values and expectations about Smartphone use with an agreement on team collaboration. This is often constructively done during a team review of what they do well when working together so they can do more of it.

So, put down your Smartphone and try and draw a line between your work and home life. You’ll thank me in the long run!

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