A fortress mentality often makes conflict worse


When troubles comes knocking many people adopt a fortress mentality, but this often makes conflict worse

Mediation saves time and money.

Mediation helps people consider each other’s interests – and make concessions, so workable solutions can be developed. It is a quick, local solution that doesn’t involve recourse to senior management or formal procedures.

A senior manager once said to me after mediation that the process “felt a cathartic experience… We were able to forgive and move on. Forgetting will take a bit longer. Looking back, we panicked about costs and stopped listening. It felt very personal… I realise now that the conflict reduced my personal effectiveness, just when I needed it most.”

As mediators, we see people change their minds all the time. A mediator nudges those in dispute toward understanding; may help them walk around a problem, lift it up, turn it over, and examine it from all sides.

We see people gather new data, test their assumptions against that data, and go on to reach very different conclusions TO those they initially arrived at.

We also see them admit or address mistakes, make apologies and make necessary course corrections. And we watch how these acts open the door to new possibilities and greater gains.

Read about a real case here: Mediation how to avoid conflict

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We have experience in developing senior managers and their team memebers – both on an individual and team level – so they can develop practical approaches that encourage positive, constructive behaviour. This, in turn, leads to the development of positive beliefs and values. We are ready work with you, to help you get the best out of your people.

Here are some examples of approaches that can be used and tailored to your individual needs:

  • Mediation, to address workplace conflict
  • Individual and group coaching…Coaching – a powerful way of deveopling people
  • Personal development activities
  • Special projects, secondments and assignments
  • Psychometric assessment, which can identify strengths as well as derailing behaviours and also include 360 degree feedback
  • Structured module for understanding the psychological contracts in your organisation, both at an individual or team level
  • Straight Talking: …Straight Talking create change through conversations