Do You Let Change Rumours Breakdown Trust?

Change is emotional. Often, those impacted, or potentially impacted, ‘find out’ through the rumour mill. This inevitably leads to a lack of understanding about what a specific change may mean, and as a result can cause mangers to break expectations and perceived promises. Psychologists talk about this being a breach of the ‘psychological contract’. The ‘psychological contract’ exists as explicit and implicit understandings between employer and employee, or manager and direct reports, and also at a company level.

The ‘Psychological Contract’ is not obvious . It is important. Like an iceberg, most of it is hidden.

Change has the potential to breach psychological contracts and breakdown trust. Sometimes such a breach never heals. Therefore, its best to avoid breaches in the first place and this requires good communication to help people establish ‘what is in it for me’.

Change may have the potential to impact thousands of people at the same time. This can intensify emotions and unless communication is established it can also lead to industrial action. Therefore, organisations need to be aware of how they impact psychological contract at the overall company level and also what the leaders and supervisors are doing during times of change.

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Marjorie Raymond

Marjorie Raymond

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We have experience in developing senior managers and their team members – both on an individual and team level – so they can develop practical approaches that encourage positive, constructive behaviour. This, in turn, leads to the development of positive beliefs and values. We are ready work with you, to help you get the best out of your people.

Here are some examples of approaches that can be used and tailored to your individual needs:

  • Special projects, secondments and assignments
  • Mediation, to address workplace conflict
  • Personal development activities
  • Individual and group coaching…Coaching – a powerful way of developing people
  • Psychometric assessment, which can identify strengths as well as derailing behaviours and also include 360 degree feedback
  • Structured module for understanding the psychological contracts in your organisation, both at an individual or team level
  • Straight Talking: …Straight Talking create change through conversations