Three Ways to Show You Appreciate Your Colleagues this Christmas

Being appreciated is a motivational experience

Being appreciated is a motivational experience

Being appreciated makes working together a positive experience

Taking the opportunity to encourage your team, deepen bonds and appreciate one another is a positive aspect of Christmas. It provides us with a moment in dark mid-winter to consider those we work with.

Take my colleague Ed, for example. Ed’s strength is his enthusiasm. He gets excited about ideas and people. He is always passionate, interested and positive about what the team does. A few months ago we were given some work most of us thought was boring. Not Ed though. He had us seeing the importance of the work, and his enthusiasm helped everyone do a great job. What would we do without him? Has anyone told Ed this, specifically? Probably not. Yet it would certainly show appreciation to do so.

So, here are three steps your team could take, ideally in a team get-together, to show appreciation. However, if you can’t be together then you could use email, cards or even calls instead.

  1. Each person takes a moment to think about each team member and note a valuable strength each person has and how it would feel to be in the team without that strength. There are many strengths to choose from. For example, you may have colleagues who have good ideas or who communicate well, who are dependable or who know their own mind. There are colleagues who are the life and soul of the team, who bring a splash of colour and original thinking to the team, who can sell an idea or who are excellent with detail. There are also people who develop solutions or are well organised, or are loyal and, so on. You should have a list of colleagues linked to their valuable strengths.
  2. Now each person should think of a time when he or she saw each person use their particular strength. What was it that made you smile and appreciate that person?
  3. And now each team member should take it in turns to share their appreciation of each other’s strengths and what makes them smile when they see these strengths being used.

If you can’t all be together, or someone is missing or you feel that people would appreciate a less public approach, then consider an email, a card or a call. Being appreciated makes working together a positive experience.


If you can’t show appreciation face to face then consider an email, a card or a call

Enjoy Christmas by showing appreciation for your colleagues.

Have a Merry Christmas.





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