In a nutshell, this is what Marjorie does:

  • Manages change dynamics– she delivered a 20% benefit to one client by using a fresh productivity approach and persuading the firm to take much-needed action
  • Develops Understanding – another company exceeded its sales targets by using an innovative story-board approach to envision a Call to Action
  • Grows and develops people; creates committed teams – Marjorie has created process experts from scratch through coaching and training. Staff grow and develop as they undertake a ‘We can do it’ journey together
  • Deals with conflict – secured a £2 million annual saving for a company by fixing a failing project.  Prejudices were diagnosed and dialogue facilitated. The result: staff were mobilised as well as being inspired to participate fully
  • Advances organisational agility – using ‘Let’s stop that happening by doing this’ and ‘What’s our plan?’ approaches, a client company was steered towards achieving success in meeting a critical deadline

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