Make working from home a success

Clear separate physical space for work is necessary for successful working at home

Clear separate physical space for work is necessary for successful working at home

Success, freedom and instant flexibility are often expectations mentioned when people give reasons for working from home.

Researchers1 have found that having a defined and largely dedicated space to work in at home helps successful homeworking. Many people experiment until they get the space right. This includes how they use and manage their equipment, room environment, and ambiance. In particular, dedicated space and decoration of a room helps to signify to family and friends that it is work space. This helps establish work and non work boundaries at home. People working from home then make choices about where activities, such payment of bills on-line, are undertaken in the ‘home-office’ or in a non work space.

1 Mustafa. M and Gold, M (2013) ‘Chained to my work?’ Strategies to manage temporal and physical boundaries among self-employed teleworkers’. Human Resource Management Journal, 23 (40), pp 413-429


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